About Us

Netmine Services Pvt. Ltd. on the Net (www.netmine.co.in) is the most visited India-oriented online service worldwide. Netmine Services Pvt. Ltd. has evolved, adding numerous features and services along the way to become a complete online service. Netmine Services Pvt. Ltd. is one of the premier worldwide online providers of information, communication, entertainment, education, health tips, news, technology information, b2b and yellow pages services. Since 2017 we are working in webhosting industry also. Netmine Services Pvt. Ltd. providing affordable, reliable hosting solutions to Individuals and companies or businesses across the globe. We place a lot of emphasis on customer satisfaction by providing the safest environment for your website and the highest server uptime possible which translates to a higher uptime for your website. We provide 100% network uptime guarantee on all our hosting packages. Keeping this in view we have servers in the world's safest and best Data Centres so that your website stays up at all times. Netmine Services Pvt. Ltd. continues to grow and expand, it is important to us to hold on to our roots as a leading web hosting company who invests everything into our customers & information service provider on net. These characteristics have prompted our current success and isolated us from the rest of our competition. Finally we are reliable web hosting & best information services provider.

Mission In The Internet Space

To provide world-class online consumer service offerings to Indians worldwide. We strive to constantly innovate our solutions and services that add value to our customers.